WINMAU Diamond Plus Professional Bristle Dartboard

Updated: Mar 8

Quick Info Grab

  1. Geared to the modern game at the advanced level

  2. Dramatically improved durability and playability

  3. Tournament approved with a CNC precision-engineered staple-free bullseye

  4. 450mm Diameter x 38mm Thickness

Product Description

Diamond Dartboard Advanced level premium bristle dartboard, exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation

50% thinner Dynamic Sector Wires for reduced bounce outs and higher scoring

Improved durability and playability

Rigorously tested by Winmau’s professional players

Complies with World Darts Federation specifications

CNC precision-manufactured staple-free bullseye and consistent construction high visibility sisal base

Anti-glare number ring, Game of Darts booklet and checkout table

All fixtures and playing instructions included

About Winmau

For over 70 years, Winmau has been obsessed with excellence in darts through unrivalled innovation.

We are proud to be serving millions of players and numerous global federations to further the development of the sport. All our Championship dartboards comply to World Darts Federation specifications.

Global Company

Winmau is a truly global company and we export to over 70 countries worldwide. Winmau has been established for over 70 years and we are one of the most pro-active darts companies in terms of product innovation and marketing.

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