Video Camera 2.7K Camcorder UHD 36MP Vlogging Camera for Youtube IR Night Vision 3.0" LCD Touch

Updated: Mar 7

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  1. 2.7K Ultra HD Camcorder with Hand Stabiliser

  2. Camera with Lens Hood and Remote Control

  3. Webcam and Slow Motion Feature

  4. IR Night Vision and Microphone

  5. Multifunctional Camcorder

Product Description

Ultra HD 2.7K Camcorder with Handheld Stabilizer: Video camcorder with 2.7K 2688X1520/30fps (UHD) video resolution, 36.0 MP (max) picture pixel, The CMOS image sensor is 8.0 megapixels.3.0'' TFT-LCD touch screen(supports 270°rotation), 16X digital zoom, Recorder while charging ect. Handheld Holder Keep the 2.7K camera stable when recording, Ideal for making moving low angle videos and images.

Camera with Lens Hood & Remote Control: The camcorder comes with a lens hood. It can block excess light and protect your camcorder lens from accidental damage. It improves the photos overall colour and contrast. This digital video camera comes with a remote control. Through the buttons, take photoes and videos by yourself, control TV playback or pause the camcorder videos from the remote place(Within 23FT). The webcam feature allows you to make video calls with your family and friends.

Webcam & Slow Motion: The HD Camcorder is the only one that can stream directly to YouTube ,Facebook and Instagram. You can also make video chat with friends or family. Slow motion-2X video recording, let you understand more clearly the course of action of the target. The fundamental role of slow motion is to extend the actual movement process. These special features help you create more exciting movies or videos through this small and lightweight vlogging camera.

IR Night Vision & External microphone: Under IR Night Vision, the camera can shoot high definition image videos, work perfectly in the darkness, also shoot great in low light. It Adopts X-Y stereo pickup technology, clear and stable sound image localization. It is the ideal video camera with microphone for bloggers and videography lover.

Multifunctional Camcorder: Remote controller, anti-shake, Pause Function, slow motion, continuous shooting, face capture, self-timer, beauty function, auto power-off, up to 128GB SD card, the tripod ( not included), Mini USB2.0 output, with hot shoe and external mic jack, support external LED Light (not included).The camera comes with two batteries. One full-charged battery can be sustainably used for 90-150 minutes. You can record videos while charging.

UHD 2.7K & 36MP & 30FPS & 16X CAMCORDER

The camcorder has HP1080P resolution and 24.0 mega pixels. Optical image dimming technology exceeds international standards. Supports taking high-quality photos or videos. In terms of image, colour, and optical performance, it is superior to others. 30FPS allows you to get smoother videos. Capture the most exciting moments.

TIME-LAPSE SHOOTING Make a long-time slowly changing motion/scenery into the condensation. Time-Lapse Shooting records the beauty of memory which worth being kept forever. Our camera has two batteries, and it can also work while charging for longer work time. Power bank or 5V adapter is recommended.

SLOW MOTION & CONTINUOUS SHOOTING The slow motion function can slow down fast running, flying, etc. This is a good choice for sports fans. With slow motion, you are able to check details and recollect the bits and pieces of your memory.

3.0" IPS TOUCH SCREEN The video camera camcorder with microphone support recording video while recharging without worrying about running out of battery. The auto power off feature helps you reduce power loss.

HANDHELD STABILIZER This video camera comes with a handheld holder. The handheld holder keeps the 2.7K camera stable when recording. Ideal for making moving low angle videos and images.

SELF TIMER & REMOTE CONTROL The time interval on compact digital camera is variable, from 2s/5s/10s. You can choose the one you like best from multiple photos. The video camera with microphone automatically takes pictures for you when you laugh. The camcorder come with IR remote control. You can take photos and videos by yourself, control TV playback or pause the videos shoot within 10m.

WITH MICROPHONE & HDMI OUTPUT The camera's microphone uses XY stereo pickup technology. Eliminate noise and NCR noise during recording. Suitable for conference recording, classroom teaching, news interview, wedding shooting, outdoor travel, song and dance shooting.

When connecting the camera to the TV with a cable. Then you can watch the video recorded by the camera on the TV.

IR NIGHT VISION This video camera is equipped with an IR LED light for night vision shots, you can press "POWER" button to open night vision function under standby mode allowing you to shoot clear white and black photo or video in the dark environment without visible light or low light.

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