UGears 3d Puzzles For Adults Dream Cabriolet Mechanical Models Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

Updated: Mar 16

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  • Easy to Assemble

  • Hours of Fun

  • Excellent Gift

  • Form of Meditation

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Product Description

SELF ASSEMBLY MECHANICAL MODEL Amazing 3d Puzzle has become an interesting and engaging activity, a smart hobby, an original gift idea that brings hours of fun, and the joy of being creative, making things with your hands with friends and family in over 85 countries across 5 continents. This model kit is one of the most sophisticated DIY 3D puzzle games by Ugears.

Model size: 13,8x6,2x3,5 inches (35x15,7x9 cm) Package size: 14,9x6,7x2 in (37,8x17x5 cm) Number of components: 739 Estimated time for assembly: 10 hours

EXPLORE MANY INNOVATIVE FEATURES & SOLUTIONS Cabriolet has a working engine, which is able to set a car into running front and back, opening doors, rotating steering wheel and front wheels, amortization of all 4 wheels, included repairing kit, and opening hood and rear trunk. The V-shaped, 8-cylinder fully functional engine is powered by a system of rubber bands that you can twist tight and release to cause an action.

Swiveling front wheels and suspension of all 4 wheels make sure smooth ride giving you a seamless experience of enjoying your new thing from the line of UGEARS mechanical models 3-d wooden puzzle. The windows of the car are not made of glass but they do have the equipment to operate with them. To make the plywood model look even more coinciding with a real car, we have designed fully operational windshield wipers, have added mechanisms for opening the trunk and hood, have done a jack and a set of tools that you can find in the trunk on the back. 100% NATURAL MATERIALS We do our best to satisfy all the needs of the buyer, and the quality for us is above all. 100% natural material - plywood, best type of wood without dyestuff and varnish, not treated with any harmful chemical agents, safe for children. We choose only hard types of wood (which exclude conifers that have too soft timber that may also give splinters), which are as if designed by nature to last long. Although we understand that conifers have a better smell, but that’s the only their advantage as a timber compared to foliar types.

MECHANICAL MARVEL You can create unique construction that actually moves. Best brainteaser for both: adults and children, requires logical thinking and mechanics skills. Solving the puzzle takes patience and skill, and you can enjoy putting the pieces together again and again. Inspires mechanical thinking and gives you a path to realize your potential. Handmade toys are always the best and recall memories about that weekend you made it. UGEARS’ mission is to give unforgettable time of working together on things that are popular for all ages. CREATE UNIQUE COLLECTION UGEARS is a creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material. We offer a few dozens of unique models of intelligent design and there are more than 200 ideas for future mechanisms. Also these building sets if wonderful gift idea which will fulfill so many desires, a great opportunity to learn something new or to test your capabilities.