The Top 5 Must Haves - Lockdown Edition

Updated: Mar 8

It is fair to say that lockdown has hit everyone differently. Some people have used this as that well earned opportunity for rest, while others, much like myself see the 4 walls around me as a cage. Everyone complains of boredom or fatigue, when in reality it is just excuses for not trying hard enough to find something fun to do. In order to curb the boredom and improve your state of mind, here are the top 5 must have gadgets for lockdown.

1. All New Echo Dot - 4th Generation

This neat little gadget provides hours of a different sort of fun. Music, Trivia, Audiobooks, you name it and this cool gadget has you covered.

Utilise Alexa to bake, cook and time while you develop your craft in the kitchen or keep up with the latest news. Easy to set up, unassuming and extremely affordable, this is the perfect gadget for the home.

Price £49.99

2. Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ401-BK

Everyone could do with a hobby. Photography is an easy way to get involved with nature. There is not a better excuse for being outdoors than snapping the wildlife. This Kodak Camera is affordable and professional giving you excellent quality pictures and a sleek, vintage look to make you feel a pro.

Price £140.99

3. APEMAN Projector Mini Video Projector 5500 Lumens

Got to keep the movie buffs happy. Cant go to the cinema? Bring the cinema back to you. This high spec mini projector is ideal for linking to devices. Full HD, perfect for a movie night in. Grab your duvet, pillows and a bag of popcorn and stream your favourite films without interruption. This projector has cinema quality image and built in speakers to match.

Price £59.99

Check it out on Amazon

4. Kindle | Now with a built-in front light

Whether the weather is good or bad, does not really matter with a Kindle. Ideal for escapism and catching up on those must reads that you have not had time for. Many consider reading a form of meditation and during 2021, we all know we could do with an extra dose of meditation. Easy to use and back light support, the Kindle is a great way to purchase books or listen to audible at an affordable price.

Price: Range from 69.99 to 299.99

5. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker

I am not one to preach, but if you are really honest to yourself, is lockdown the reason for not staying active? Kickstart your fitness campaign and get in shape with the support of a Fitbit. Monitor your heart rate, stress levels and sleep through this versatile wristband. Takes a single step to get started in a fitness programme and Fitbit will track every single one of them for you. Complete with a full year free premium trial it is a great way to get that ticker in check.

Price £84.00

Feeling much better about lockdown? Good.

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