The Origins of Lego Mania

Updated: Mar 16

Lego is one of life's rarities : something that transcends age, class, language and background and can bonds everyone, from the young excitable child to the lifelong enthusiast. Its constantly evolving and ever-imaginative lines have created cult followings, and its inimitable adaptability, from theme parks to spin-off films, have meant that it would be difficult to compete with. My personal fascination with Lego led to the creation of this website. Initially, a fan club site dedicated to the artform of Lego developed into a site dedicated to my inability to let go of my childhood and hopefully remind people that through the difficulties and seriousness of life, there is always room to have a little fun.

With Lego you can get whatever you want out of it. I appreciate why many would collect and protect their models. Almost like an insurance policy and the possible returns in generations to come. For me, however, Lego is about the experience shared, like everyone I love to display and discuss my models but enjoy making an event out of the process. Say it is a Star Wars model. I would enjoy the process of revisiting the movies, soundtracks and online trivia. I would share this with family and build memories around these models. They have a special role in our home. For this website, I wish to show that no matter who you are, you can enjoy Lego. I am a sports fan, a movie fan, a geek and I am proud.

In honour of the release of this website, let me share my top 5 favourite Lego models that is less commonly discussed.

5. LEGO Technic 42096 Porsche 911 RSR Race Car Advanced Building Set

Lego has this outrageous ability to make the unimaginable happen with these models. I would recommend anyone to take time to research the development that goes into each Technic model. With 1580 pieces, you can enjoy building a real life replica of the Porsche 911 including suspension and bodywork, 6 cylinder engine. Lego ensures that when they create a product, no expense spared and no corners cut.

4. LEGO 75276 Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Display Building Set

Lego helmets are a relatively new addition, but one that has been welcomed by fans almost instantly. Star Wars is a huge favourite amongst most and as much as we all love a hero, the Stormtroopers human side was more evident in the recent movies. This helmet in my top 5 because of the attention to detail, shape and display potential of this model. It looks awesome and could easily be displayed in a home or office for a great and subtle talking point in intense meetings. This is a more 'mature' demonstration of the versatility of Lego.

3. LEGO 10274 Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Car

Another movie classic, Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is a hysterical but family friendly comedy with some of the all time funniest actors and comedians. The Ecto01 Car is symbolic of that movie alongside the backpacks. Lego has kept this fun and dramatic with perfectly positioned props and decals to remain true to the car. I love this because it is a great display, highly collectable but full of memories that all generations can relate too.

2. LEGO 31201 Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests Poster

Lego Art is another relatively new addition to the Lego range. The style of these products are totally different to the traditional models but brings a really nice option for Lego fans. These are wall canvas posters that can be interchangeably used to produce different posters. Collect a few of these and build large scale canvas. Harry Potter always flies of the shelves and look very traditional and true to the Hogwarts style of decor.


I think this speaks for itself. This is a piece of masterclass by Lego. The Taj Mahal alone has tremendous history and a backstory that is almost unbelievable. Lego has captured every majestic angle of the Taj Mahal. This is a large scale but underappreciated model that would draw anyone's attention. It is only when you delve deep into this build that you will appreciate its level of detail.

I hope this demonstrates the unlimited boundaries of Lego and the depth of potential Lego has as a product. These are not simply pieces of plastic bricks, these are models designed meticulously to represent moments of history on every level. From the engine and tyres of a car, to memorable movie moments, Lego has spent years mastering their craft to give us affordable, yet enjoyable experiences. I love Lego and I hope this website will allow you to love Lego too.

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