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Updated: Mar 10

Gaming is no longer just about playing to work through the levels. It is a multibillion pound industry and many are making a very successful career streaming and competing online. If you want to try your hand at gaming or just upgrade you equipment, then we have you covered. Here are a few of the must have kit for a successful streaming career that wont dent the budget.

1. Trust Gaming GXT 232 Mantis Streaming Gaming Microphone

Ideal microphone with high level audio for recording. This professional sound will set you apart for Youtube, Streaming or Live Competitions. Complete with recording function, you can manage your streams or edit your videos with tremble free recording. Suitable for any device, this is a cheap user friendly microphone to get you started.

Price £29.89

2. 4K HD Webcam with Microphone

This is a personal favourite of mine and I am very surprised how cheap this product is. With 4K HD this is the perfect camera for picture quality when streaming or on Youtube. Tripod ready, this webcam can be angled to suit you and microphone ready. Freeze screen, pause and play function makes it easy to manage your streams.

Price £45.99

3. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset

Ridiculous package for the price. Complete Gaming set made up of keyboard, mouse, pad and gaming headset. Optimum function with softpad headset for long streams and gaming. Whether filming, streaming or personal gaming this pack looks awesome on display with the LED backlighting.

Price £39.99

4. LUCKRACER Gaming Chair Massage: Lumbar Support and Footrest

Stunning gaming chair with massage function and lumbar support for long gaming sessions. This has a footrest for extra comfort. Set your comfort with recline, set your linkage arm rest and of course maximise the footrest for the perfect gaming experience. For streaming, this product is stunning to display and professional for filming.

Price: £131.99

5. Vibox I-8 Gaming PC with a Free Game

Do not say I do not look out for the best products ever. Full high spec gaming package with Windows 10. Complete with 1TB Hard Drive and Quad Core Ryzen Processor, perfect for any form of gaming. Add your own specifications over time but enjoy peak performance at a seriously low price. It looks incredible, performs incredible and at a seriously low cost for the spec.

Price £624.95

We hope these products will help you reach your gaming goals and remember us on your way up. You don't always have to pay top dollar for the highest of spec. You just have to look hard enough or check out our website and we will do the graft for you.

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