Original American Cornhole Blue & Red | Tossing Game | 100% Wooden| Premium Quality | Official Size

Updated: Mar 8

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  1. As seen on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram

  2. Ultimate Cornhole Board Set

  3. Easy to store with foldable legs

  4. Wide selection of colours and styles

  5. Becoming highly popular sport worldwide

Product Description

🔝 🌽 CORNHOLE: The Cornhole is an American game of skill. The objective is to aim at the hole of the opponent's board with the red or blue bags. Players take turns throwing their bags and the first one to put all his bags in wins the game. The 2 boards must be 8m apart and the players must throw behind their board.

📦 🚀 COMPLETE KIT: This official Cornhole Kit includes 2 wooden boards with folding legs and 8 red and blue cloth bags. Lightweight and easy to carry thanks to its protective cover. Ideal outdoor game to play with friends and take it everywhere during weekends or vacations.

⭐ 💎 PREMIUM QUALITY: Scratch resistance and optimal dimensions for storage and transport. Compact boards of 90 x 60 cm and grain bags of 15 x 15 cm.

👍 🎉 EASY & EASY: Unfold the feet of the 2 boards and lay them on the ground 8 meters apart. Light and easy to transport, you won't be able to go on weekends or evenings without taking them with you!

🥇 🏆 REFERENCE: Original Cup is the reference for Beer Pong and drinking games in Europe. All our products are tested and approved by our members during memorable evenings that are sometimes hard to remember!

How to Play

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