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Updated: Mar 7

Lockdown has brought out the creative spark in everyone. New business ventures, a love of nature, a fascination in pursuing hobbies that were otherwise redundant due to the stressful limitations of work. We tried baking, we tried home fitness and we tried Arts and Crafts. One hobby that seems to have held its following is Photography. Why wouldn't it? After all, it is the pinnacle of creativity, its breathes expression and is extremely versatile ranging from the Youtuber to the Landscape Artist. Regardless of your interest or appreciation of photography, here are some products to help you make the most of your images.

3. Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs - Henry Carroll

I think the name of this book speaks volumes for the contents of this book. This is a useful and easy to follow guide for amateur photographers to get their head around the artform of photography. The extend of information out there to make photography look outstanding is difficult to retain, this book takes this information and provides informed easy information to dissect and use in every area of photography.

Learn about the appropriate use of light, the concept of seeing, shutter use, shadows, silhouettes and more.

2. Portable Photography Lighting Kit Dimmable 5600K USB 66 LED Video Light with Stand

Affordable lighting kit for indoor photography. Ease of use and complete with with and primary colour filters for colour addition. Adjustable and framed on a tripod stand, this product is portable and adaptable for your photography needs. With a 10W output and 66PCS LED quality, you can get a professional finish on all of your photographs.

USB LED Panel, Adjustable stand, Rod Stick and Filters included.

1. CiaraQ Mini Photo Light Box Portable Photo Tent Small Foldable Photography Studio

Portable and easy to use mini photo studio for product photography. High brightness with white LED strips and USB cable connection for effective bright shooting. This comes with 6 different colour backgrounds to match your mood and theme when photographing. This is the ideal product for under 20 bucks for developing an understanding of product placement and design.

Fold down or up for easy storage.

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