Star Wars Millennium Falcom 75192

Updated: Mar 22

The Basics

  1. The Millennium Falcon sports 7541 detailed pieces

  2. Intricate replica of the starship

  3. One of the biggest LEGO® sets ever made

  4. Features two crews, so you can display classic and new film

  5. Realistic details include sensor dishes and more

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Lego Mania Fan Review

It was only natural that we open our first ever review with the daddy of Lego. The Millennium Falcon is where Lego broke into the hyper realism of builds. As a fan of both the classic and new films, the Millennium Falcon has significance for everyone. It takes us back to our childhood and the believe that we could one day be living in a sci-fi world but also fuels the StarWars fanatics who want to discuss the deep intricacies of the StarWars franchise. It really does not matter who you are or what your hobbies involve, a large scale Lego Millennium Falcon will have everyone fascinated. With over 7500 pieces this is a project that requires commitment, patience and most importantly passion. Whether you are old school or new school you can enjoy acting out any scene with the classic and new film crew characters on board. I believe you could confidently remove the family portraits or graduation photos and replace them with this masterpiece without being criticised. For all you Lego Maniacs out there without this piece in your collection, are you really a Lego fan?

A Video to Spark the Child Inside You

Pay particular attention to the degree of detail demonstrated in this set. The guns, the colours, the layers upon layers of creative building. This product has incredible dimensions with a blueprint that could be framed and hung on your wall.

From the Manufacturers



Fans will love the challenge of creating this LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series construction model. One of the biggest LEGO models ever, it makes a wonderful gift for ages 16+ and any advanced LEGO builder.



This fantastic brick-built model comes with 7 LEGO minifigures and 4 LEGO figures of popular Millennium Falcon crew members from different Star Wars eras to recreate epic scenes and inspire original stories.



This collectible LEGO Star Wars building toy offers an immersive, stress-relieving build. So zone out and enjoy some ‘me time’ recreating the familiar details of a legendary starship.



This detailed, buildable replica will look spectacular displayed in any Star Wars fan's home. The accompanying booklet has behind-the-scenes information on the making of this remarkable set and its designers.


This is the largest Star Wars Millennium Falcon model Lego has created. It possesses a massive 7500 pieces and includes the intricate exterior detailing, upper and lower quad laser cannons, landing legs, individual hull plates which allows you to explore the main hold rear compartment and gunnery station. To make this build even better includes two interchangeable crews including the classic Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO or the crew of Episode VII and VIII with older Han Solo, Rey, Finn and BB-8! This allows all ages and family members to full appreciate the memorable scenes of the movie. Too top this all off, an informational fact plaque for the collectors amongst us.

Customer Reviews of This Build

This build has a customer satisfaction of 4.7 out of 5 stars with Amazon and 4.7 out of 5 stars with Lego. The overall consensus of this product is that it is jaw dropping. This is an expensive project and will be overall realistically only be purchased by fans who know what they are getting themselves in for. The fairly irregular lower rated reviews refer to the large instruction manual and how it resembles an old phone book or the instructions being missing. Maybe I am biased, but does that not just scream vintage and collectable? Unfortunately in many instances manufacturing errors will be made, but this does not reflect the overall build. What would hurt is a missing piece here and there.

In Summary

It simply does not get better than this. The box has character, the instructions has character, the blueprint is stunning. Overall, this build is precisely where it should be at the one of the top spots of any Lego products. If you want a challenge, if you want something that is difficult to find, if you want something to showcase, here is your build. Lego builds like these require time and commitment and the removal of distractions. Grab a beer, a coffee, a tea and a loved one and work on something memorable. Lego is for sharing, so build memories with your children, friends and partners and enjoy this outrageous experience of a 7500 piece work of art.

Keep on Building

Much Love

Lego Mania x

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