Soundiculous: Hilarious Pocketsize Party Game of Ridiculous Sounds That Gets The Family Laughing

Updated: Mar 7

Quick Info Grab

  1. Ridiculous sounds makes up this game

  2. Sounds range from easy to truly challengingly hard

  3. Takes two minutes to learn

  4. Will have everyone laughing

  5. Suitable for aged 8+

Product Description

Soundiculous is the gloriously silly, family-friendly game of ridiculous sounds. The aim of the game is simple - get the most points by making and guessing ridiculous sounds!

Sounds range from nice and easy (monkey, train, eating) through to medium (didgeridoo, roller coaster, electric shock) to the truly challenging hard (wrestling, scuba diving, woodpecker!)

Soundiculous takes just two minutes to learn and will have everyone in stitches as you realise that what you can hear quite clearly in your mind, can come out quite differently from your mouth!

With all the fun of a big box game in a super compact box (the size of a double pack of cards), you can easily pack Soundiculous and play it anywhere, so it’s ideal for holidays.

Great fun for children (age 8+), teenagers and adults alike - Soundiculous will get everyone laughing at any occasion, whether it is a family gathering, games night or just after dinner laughs! Soundiculous is also an ideal lockdown game, working brilliantly on video calls. 3-10 players.

The pocketsize game that can be learned in minutes, that will keep you laughing for hours

Soundiculous takes Charades and flips it, so instead of miming you can make as much noise as you like - but that’s all you can do. Soundiculous brings people together and gets everyone laughing.

Whether it's Grandma howling like a hyena, your mates doing their finest impression of a tumble dryer or the kids doing their best to sound like a trumpet, laughter is a certainty! Great for all ages, and super compact (the size of a double pack of cards) - enjoy the hilarity of Soundiculous wherever you go!

Online review

"Soundiculous is great fun. It’s silly and just about anybody can join in, as long as they don’t mind mooing like a cow or whooshing like an airplane... But the main sound is laughter!"

Soundiculous is super simple to set up and takes just two minutes to learn. All you have to do is make the sound of whatever is on your card!

Let's hear your best harp, horse racing or alien... Everyone else will try and guess what on earth that sound is, this is your chance to shine!

Whether you discover deeply hidden talents or realise that your rattlesnake sounds more like a steam train and your shower resembles a space rocket, Soundiculous is guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

Wanting to play Soundiculous with very little ones? Introducing Soundiculous Kids...

Soundiculous was so well loved that we decided to make an illustrated version that little ones could play too. With 54 beautiful images, Soundiculous Kids takes the most child friendly and hilariously fun 'easy' cards from Soundiculous and ensures that young children who can't yet read can join in the fun too. Recommended for ages 3-7 Soundiculous Kids works fantastically as a stand alone game, or can be combined with the full version of Soundiculous for a mega game for all ages.

To combine the two games together simply replace the stack of easy cards from Soundiculous, with the two Soundiculous Kids decks. You can play however you choose but a really easy version is to take turns choosing a card from any pile and making the sound (if there are two sounds on the card, you can choose either one). If you want to keep score - give one point to the sound maker and one point to the guesser after each correct guess (no matter what the difficulty level). Have fun!

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