SKLZ Accelerator Indoor Putting Green

Updated: Mar 18

Quick Info Grab

  1. Develops perfect alignment, backstroke and acceleration

  2. Portable with gravity return

  3. True Roll Surface for realistic golf

  4. Excellent learning tool for improved game

Product Description

Develops perfect alignment, backstroke length and acceleration through the ball from 3 ft, 5 ft and 7 ft

Portable indoor practice putting green featuring a continuous gravity ball return designed to adjust to the specific putt distance

The hole is constructed on the upslope to provide a gravity ball return and a realistic golf course putt

True-roll surface simulates real green conditions

SKLZ Golf Training Gear

Practise Makes Putts

Accelerator Pro lets you practise key putt lengths on a true-roll surface. Precise alignment guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet assist every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, back swing, and follow through – for greater accuracy and distance control on every putt

Alignment and distance control, made simple.

Accelerator Pro features alignment guides at three key putting distances to promote consistency in every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, back swing, and follow through. The result is improved accuracy and greater control on every putt.

Get more consistency in less time with automatic ball .

The continuous ball * allows you to train without interruption. And because you can keep putting without re-setting, you can focus on maintaining a steady stroke and consistent tempo on each putt, making your training more efficient and effective.

Upslope at the cup and true roll surface.

Never leave it short. Designed to emulate actual putting conditions, the Accelerator Pro features a gentle upslope at the cup so you practise accelerating through the ball. And the true roll surface is engineered to have a stimp reading to match those found on actual greens.

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