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Updated: Mar 17

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  1. Laser Cut Smooth Wood

  2. Original Design DIY Model Kit

  3. Challenge Your Brain

  4. Enjoy Building Skills

  5. Creative Gift Idea

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Building Model Kits - 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Robotime offers a world first in 3-D Assembly Puzzle technology.Robotime now makes over 400 DIY Wooden puzzle items. Our Goal is to build DIY fun to your life that can put a smile on anyone’s face. For this Mechanical Laser Cutting Solar Power Vehicle Series, You will see Enter an Amazing World and enjoy Mechanical Fun. Boys, Teenagers, or Adults will Fall in Love with it. You will also have a sense of accomplishment when you complete this Model Kits. Help Children Exercise their Hand-eye Cooperation, Improve Impatience and Let them Focus one Thing

LASER CUT, SMOOTH WOOD - Wooden Material, Non-toxic, laser cut with high quality controlled. Safe and has a smooth feeling for kids. This puzzle comes with pre-cut wood boards and is no glue required. Pop out the wood pieces carefully in case of broken. Do not rush and force anything.

ORIGINAL DESIGN DIY MODEL KIT - Original Designed by Robotime. It will takes about 3-5 hours to assemble for teenagers or adults. Perfect for people who love to build model kits or have hobbies of assembling things. Stunning Craft Kits - They'll be blown away once they complete with their fantastic outlook and features, Unusual Wooden Box with hidden keys for discreet access. You can open it after considering the way.

CLEAR INSTRUCTION - You don't have to worry about assembling this model kits because it is easy to pop the individual pieces out from the the pre-cut wooden boards. The detailed English instruction is easy to understand and follow.

CHALLENGING and ENJOYABLE PUZZLE PROJECT - Fantastic kit that keeps you away from getting bored. Assembling it will makes you master the good skills and challenge skilful tasks.

CREATIVE GIFTS - Vintage style jewellery box, DIY puzzle boxes, creative birthday, valentines day, Christmas gift. Suggested ring box for you.

If you love building things, love dollhouse, mini room, or any other wood kits 3D PUZZLES , woodcraft construction kits, We are here waiting you.

Challenging Laser Cutting Puzzle Construction Project:

These Mechanical Treasure Box with Laser cutting wood, perfect gift for your kids as a construction project. It will take few hours to assemble and open it. You can also give the built model to her. Creative 3D Puzzle Project for Kids 14 Years Old and Up.

Great Desk Model Kits, House decoration and will catch visitors' eyes easily. Girls always imagine to have a treasure box especially when they make up before going out.

If you love building things or have a hobby of 3D Puzzles, this is perfect for you. 5 PRE-CUT WOOD SHEETS, 123 WOOD PIECES, ABOUT 4 HOURS TO FINISH.

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