Revell RV05690 Hawker Harrier GR Mk.1 Gift Set Plastic Model kit, Multicoloured, 1:32

Updated: Mar 16

Quick Info Grab

  • Model kit contain 116 pieces

  • Model kits are designed for children aged 10 years and upwards

  • Measures 1:32 in scale

Product Description

Harrier GR.1 "50th Anniversary" Gift Set

Among combat aircraft the Harrier plays a special role. It can take off and land vertically and reach a top speed near the sound barrier. It is designed both as a fighter and ground attack aircraft. It entered service with the RAF in 1969.

This is a Skill Level 4 kit

This is a plastic model kit that needs to be assembled and painted to complete. Basic paints, glue and a paintbrush are included (see additional optional recommendations below).

Suitable for advanced model builders. Experience in gluing and painting is required.

Rated for ages 12 and up.

The Skill Level System

Easy navigation of the range

Model building is a fun pastime for the whole family, allowing you to create detailed scale replicas of the world's most famous aircraft, ships vehicles and spacecraft, both fact and fiction!

All Revell plastic model kits are arranged into a 5-tier 'Skill Level' system, which lets you see the most appropriate level for you or the person you're purchasing for. From this, you can choose kits from the most appropriate level or levels, dependent on previous building experience.

Model specification:

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Parts: 116

  • Length: 446 mm

  • Wingspan: 238 mm

  • Height: 110 mm

Model details:

  • Detailed cockpit

  • Moveable thrust jets

  • Detailed Pegasus engine

  • Detailed under-carriage

  • Separate air-brake

  • Fuselage weapons pod

  • 2 Missile pods

  • 2 Auxiliary fuel tanks

  • Gift set with basic colours, glue, brush

Authentic representation of the following versions:

  • Harrier GR1, No.3 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Wildenrath, Germany, August 1974

  • Harrier GR1, No.20 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Wildenrath, Germany, April 1971

Content of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (non-assembled)

  • Illustrated, multilingual assembly instructions

  • Decal set

  • Revell Aqua Color Paints

  • Brush Adhesive (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)

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