Revell 07188 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Model Kit

Updated: Mar 7

Quick Info Grab

  • Model kit contain 139 pieces

  • Model kits are designed for children aged 10 years and upwards

  • After built it measures 21.3 cm in length

Product Description

1968 Dodge Charger R/T

Revell 1968 Dodge Charger R/T model kit contain 139 pieces. After built it measures 21. 3 cm in length. The Dodge Charger from 1968 was the second, very much sought after version of the concept of an affordable sporty car from Dodge. The streamlined fastback bodywork gave it dynamics even at a standstill. Under the bonnet engines up to 7 litres 425 hp provided breath-taking propulsion. This made one a certain winner in any race at the lights.

Many called the 1968 Charger perhaps the finest US coupe of that decade. Its success was also reflected in the figures. 96, 100 cars were supplied to satisfied customers. The Dodge Charger found international fame playing opposing Steve McQueen's Ford in the chase through San Francisco in the film Bullit.

This is a Skill Level 4 kit

This is a plastic model kit that needs to be assembled and painted to complete. Glue and paint are not included (see recommendations below) and must be obtained separately.

Suitable for advanced model builders, experience in gluing and painting is required.

Rated for ages 12 and up.

Model specification:

  • Scale: 1:25

  • Parts: 139

  • Length: 213 mm

Model details:

  • True to original reproduction of bodywork with fine surface details

  • Separate, removable bonnet

  • Multi-part detailed engine

  • Separate exhaust assembly

  • Detailed interior with authentic dashboard and textured seats

  • Detailed one-piece chassis

  • True-to-original reproduction of wheel rims

  • Many chrome parts including wheel rims, bumper bars, mirror and radiator grille

Authentic representation of the following versions:

  • 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

Content of delivery: Model kit incl. building instruction sheet and decal

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