Professor Puzzle Great Minds, Houdinis Escapology Brain Teaser Puzzle - High quality 3D

Updated: Mar 17

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  1. 3D Metal Puzzle Game

  2. Unlock Houdini's Padlock

  3. Great Gift Idea

  4. Part of the Professor Puzzle Series

Product Description

Calling all creative thinkers & puzzle enthusiasts. Can you use your creative thinking & finger dexterity to unlock the padlock? Difficulty Level: Medium Inspired by the iconic escape artist Harry Houdini and as part of the Great Minds Collection, a set of puzzles and brain teasers inspired by histories greatest minds.

  • 3D Metal Puzzle Game suitable for both kids & adults. Contains 1 Lock & 2 Keys.

  • Unlock Houdini’s Padlock by using your problem solving skills & physical dexterity.

  • A great gift for any fan of creative thinking brain teaser puzzles.

  • Part of Professor Puzzles Great Minds a suite of 3D Puzzle / Brain Games based upon histories best minds.

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