Polar Ignite - GPS Smartwatch - Fitness watch with Advanced Wrist-Based Optical Heart Rate Monitor

Updated: Mar 16

Quick Info Grab

  1. Slim Design for 24hr Wear

  2. Nightly Recharge

  3. FitSpark Daily Training Guide

  4. Sleep Plus Stages

  5. Heart Rate Management

Product Description

Polar Ignite

Fitness Smart Watch

Meet Polar Ignite, a new-generation fitness smart watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate, integrated GPS, personalised daily workout guidance and a nightly recovery measurement.

Reach your true potential with Polar Ignite, a smart watch for those who want to push their limits the right way.

  • Advanced wrist-based heart rate

  • Integrated GPS

  • Nightly Recharge

  • FitSpark training guide

  • Serene guided breathing exercise

  • Sleep Plus Stages

  • Swimming metrics

  • Smart Notifications

Get out and about Polar Ignite is a waterproof fitness smart watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate. It’s a great training partner for running, cycling and other outdoor workouts: the integrated GPS & GLONASS tracks your speed, distance and route.

Work out without burnout No more wasting time looking for the right workout plan for the day – the FitSpark training guide offers ready-made on-demand workouts, that match your recovery and readiness.

No sleep, no glory The new Sleep Plus Stages sleep tracking feature monitors your sleep stages (REM, light and deep sleep) and gives you sleep feedback and a numerical sleep score.

Build the day on the night The Nightly Recharge recovery measurement shows how well you recover from stress and training during the night and helps you make optimal choices during the day.

Breathe and focus Serene guided breathing exercise help you to relax your body, calm down your mind and relieve stress. Make yourself comfortable and allow Polar Ignite to guide you.

Polar Community Polar is the choice in heart rate monitors for athletes of all levels. Join the Polar community and share your experiences in social media.

Slim Design Optimised for 24/7 Wear

Your new-generation smart workout partner with a 1-button interface includes such essentials as a wrist-based OHR monitor, speed, distance and route tracking with integrated GPS, calorie counter, colour touch display.

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