Lego Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus 75941

Updated: Mar 22

The Basics

  1. This set has 537 pieces

  2. Contains 5 Jurassic World minifigures

  3. 2 awesome dinosaurs included

  4. Gyrosphere Deployment Station Launcher

  5. This Gyrosphere Station measures 4" high, 10" wide and 10" deep

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Lego Mania Fan Review

True to the movie, this set brings the gyrosphere scene to life in your very own livingroom. Roam around these wild monsters in the comfort and safety that you are protected in your sphere - or are you? With the addition of a launch pad for the gyrosphere, kids can play on a flat ground or from height and shuttle their minifigures to safety or slap bang into the middle of the action. Perfect for individual play or as a group, kids can imitate the Jurassic World scenes or come up with their own stories. Perfect for a gift for any fan of the movies.

Join Owen Grady as he attempts to control the Idominus Rex

Dinosaur fans will love reliving exciting scenes from the Jurassic World™ movie or creating their own thrilling storylines with the Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus playset. Kids can play out epic battles with the two cool dinosaur toys, or have them team up together to cause some chaos. Meanwhile, the gyrosphere deployment station has a trigger to launch one of the five LEGO® Jurassic World minifigures right into the heart of the action.

From the Manufacturers

Young builders can reimagine classic moments from the Jurassic World movie with this Indominus rex vs. Ankylosaurus (75941) playset. The gyrosphere deployment station has an entrance turnstile and a trigger to launch a gyrosphere with a minifigure inside. And kids will love playing out LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur battles with the Indominus rex and Ankylosaurus toy figures.

Role-play fun There are 5 minifigures, including Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, for creative role play, and the trees in the buildable jungle scene can be knocked over with the Ankylosaurus’s swiping tail. A great gift idea for kids aged 8 and up, this building set comes with step-by-step instructions so even LEGO rookies can build confidently.

Dinosaur action! LEGO Jurassic World sets feature dinosaur figures, well-known characters, cool vehicles and more, for fans to recreate scenes from the animated series and movies, create their own unique adventures or just build and display the collectible models

Dinosaur Chaos

Reimagine scenes from the Jurassic World movie with this Indominus rex vs. Ankylosaurus (75941) building toy for kids, featuring 2 awesome dinosaurs, gyrosphere deployment station and more!

Bring your heroes to life

Children can role-play thrilling action with 5 minifigures – including Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and brothers Gray and Zach Mitchell – plus new-for-June-2020, posable Indominus rex and Ankylosaurus dinosaur figures.

Launch from the Gyrosphere Launch Pad

There are so many ways to play with the gyrosphere station, which features a ticket booth, turnstile and gyrosphere-launch function, plus a jungle build with trees to knock down with the Ankylosaurus’s swiping tail.


A cool birthday, Christmas or surprise present, this 537-piece LEGO® playset offers a fun, rewarding building challenge and creative solo- or group-play experience for boys and girls aged 8 and up.

The gyrosphere station measures over 4” (12cm) high, 10” (27cm) wide and 10” (27cm) deep – and this action-packed dinosaur adventure set combines brilliantly with other LEGO® Jurassic World sets for extra creative fun.

This construction kit is powered by children’s imaginations – no batteries required – so their adventures with Jurassic World LEGO® character minifigures and toy dinosaurs never run out of energy!

Thinking of buying this Jurassic World building toy for a kid new to LEGO® sets? No problem. It comes with step-by-step, illustrated instructions, so even beginners can build with confidence.

LEGO® Jurassic World building sets allow kids (and adult fans) to recreate scenes from the animated series and movies, create their own unique adventures or just build and display the awesome, collectible models.

Ever since 1958, LEGO® bricks have met the highest industry standards, plus our own quality criteria, which ensures that young builders (and any dinosaur fan) can connect and pull them apart easily every time. LEGO® bricks and pieces are tested to the max so you can be sure that this awesome building toy for kids meets the highest global safety and quality standards – and might even survive a dinosaur attack!

Customer Reviews of This Build

This model is coming in hot at a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Amazon and 4.7 out of 5 on Lego. This is an ideal product for the beginners of Lego or children who want to challenge an independent build. The reviews overall are positive to the size and quantity of the product for the cost. It seems to have a lot of various gadgets and parts to encourage adventure and fun.

In Summary

This is an ideal gift for any child interested in the franchise. It has many different parts, can be independently built and has functioning gadgets and dinosaurs. Jurassic Park and Jurassic World is enormously popular and any form of Lego build is a gift well received. This would be a cool addition for any child to showcase and play with friends.

Keep on Building

Much Love

Lego Mania x

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