Lego Colosseum Creator Expert Edition - 10276

Updated: Mar 8

The Basics

  1. The Colosseum has 9036 pieces

  2. Based off the Roman Colosseum

  3. Engaging and rewarding build for building set lovers

  4. Oval frame for 360 degree viewing

  5. The Colosseum is 10.5" high, 20.5" wide and 23.5" deep

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Lego Mania Fan Review

Lego meets one of the seven Wonders of the World with this outstanding architectural masterpiece. The Colosseum is full of history with design, acoustics and of course gladiators. Lego has produced an incredible 9000 piece model of its modern depiction. Complete with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders, this model provides layers and layers of accurate history. What is most impressive of this model is that Lego refuse to cut corners and effectively attempt to provide the ruins and character that makes the Colosseum so splendid. Using a raise oval platform, the model sits high on a table, owning its history and inviting your intrigue in exploring its many structures and familiar archways. This really is the boss of Lego all Lego models.

When in Rome

This epic Lego reproduction captures every architectural detail of the original amphitheatre, from the columns on the outer wall's faced to the vast mysterious structure that runs underneath the entire arena.

Check out the opinion of the designer in this video.

From the Manufacturers

Nowhere on Earth compares to the majesty of the Colosseum of Rome. So, get ready to escape your everyday life as you take on the biggest ever LEGO® build (as at November 2020) yet. This epic 9,036-piece Colosseum model depicts each part of the famous structure in great detail. Authentic detailing shows the northern part of the outer wall’s facade and its iconic arches. The model features 3 storeys, adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders while the attic is decorated with Corinthian pilasters.

An awe-inspiring display piece The LEGO Colosseum (10276) rests on an oval display base so the model can be seen from every aspect. It’s one of the biggest LEGO models ever but can easily be picked up, allowing you to look through the arches from all angles.

A building project to savour The Colosseum is part of a collection of LEGO models for adults who love beautiful architecture and thoughtful design. It also makes a great gift for architecture enthusiasts and LEGO lovers.

A build of epic proportions

With an astounding 9,036 pieces, this Colosseum model is the biggest LEGO® set ever (as at November 2020), providing hours of relaxation for adults who love building sets.

Anyone with a passion for architecture models will appreciate the amazing detail packed into this Colosseum souvenir. With 3 stories, the model is adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders.

Engineering marvel

This model comes with coffee-table-style building instructions with design and history details to inspire you.

Part of a series of inspiring LEGO® building sets designed for LEGO building fans, and hobbyists who love elegant design, beautiful architecture and models packed with detail.

Monumental build

If you’re looking for special gifts for architecture fans or history lovers, this building set is a great choice, providing hours of hands-on building experiences with a stunning Colosseum model to display.


This Colosseum architecture model measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide and 23.5” (59cm) deep. With 9,036 pieces it’s one of the biggest LEGO® sets in the world, but is easy to lift and turn. The Romans didn’t need batteries and neither do you! This Colosseum model runs on the power of imagination – no batteries required. LEGO® building bricks meet the highest industry standards, which ensures they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958. LEGO® bricks and pieces are rigorously tested to ensure that every building set meets the highest safety and quality standards, so you can be sure that this architectural model is designed to last.

Customer Reviews of This Build

This model is coming in hot at a rating of 4.7 out of 5 in Amazon and 4.4 out of 5 on Lego. This is a fantastic build for anyone interested in Lego or interested in Rome. It feels like an epid journey, it is well supported and full of surprises. The detail of this model is incredible an the only flaw which cannot be helped is that it can be quite repetitive.

In Summary

Whether your objective is starting something epic or exploring your creative building abilities this is the model of choice. It is enormous, it is challenging and it looks outstanding. As a Lego fan this expresses everything that I value in Lego. I love builds that are true art forms, that express character and familiarity. The Colosseum is full of history and Lego have captures the ruins, the decay and the grandiose vision of what the Colosseum hosted in history and its significance to the Italian history. This is made to be displayed, it is made to be talked about and it is meant to be a statement of exaggerated proportions. It is outrageously incredible.

Keep on Building

Much Love

Lego Mania x

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