LEGO 1989 Batman Batwing - 76161 Ultimate Collector Series

Updated: Mar 7

The Basics

  1. The Batwing sports 2363 pieces

  2. Includes Batman, The Joker and a Boombox Goon

  3. One of the Key Collectable Lego models

  4. Measures over 4" high, 20" long and 23" wide

  5. Stunning on stand or on wall

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Lego Mania Fan Review

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Before I even begin with this review, a must see i

s this model wall hung. Yeah there is some cool lighting but this still demonstrates the exact point I am always making that Lego, especially the highly detailed work, is an artform. Forget the symbolism to the movie and simply look at that for what it is - CLASS. Anyway, back to it. This is another outstanding large piece model with over 2300 pieces to get your teeth into. Similar to our Batmobile review oozes strong, aggressive shape while remaining stylist and authentic to the movie. 1989 is the year when the symbols of the Batmobile, the Batwing, the logo and the costume became more famous than the character. It allows us adult children to become part of the league and own our own little piece of the merch and history of the epic franchise Batman has become. The model itself is stunning with 3 minifigures and a tapered stand for live action effect. This is an incredibly fun build with an even more incredible finish.

Bring the iconic 1989 Batman movie to life

With over 2300 pieces, this impressive reproduction features a removabe canopy, a fully detailed interior, poseable flaps and 3 minifigures, including two you wont find anywhere else.

From the Manufacturers

This is no kid’s toy. If you’re serious about BATMAN™, comic book super heroes or making cool models, this LEGO® DC BATMAN 1989 Batwing is for you!

Batwing construction project Recreate the authentic detail and gothic elegance of BATMAN’s iconic aircraft, the Batwing, with this LEGO brick build-and-display model. The impressive reproduction features realistic details, removable canopy, full interior, poseable flaps and a new special brick that will allow you to mount and display your model on your wall. There’s also a stand, nameplate and 3 minifigures – BATMAN™, THE JOKER™ and a Lawrence the Boombox Goon™ – to create an impressive setting for your model.

LEGO brick model-making kits Escape the busy world for a moment and discover the joy of creative construction with adult LEGO building sets. Satisfying to build and stunning to display, adult LEGO kits make great birthday gifts, holiday presents and personal treats for anyone interested in model making or comic culture.

Lego Fact-Filled Nameplate

Indulge your passion for the Caped Crusader™ with the LEGO® DC BATMAN™ 1989 Batwing. If you’re an adult Batman fan or a model-building enthusiast, this buildable display model of the Batwing is for you!

Exclusive Minifigures

The iconic style of the Batwing from the 1989 BATMAN™ movie is enhanced by a sturdy stand, nameplate and 3 minifigures: BATMAN, THE JOKER™ and a Boombox goon.

Part of a series of authentic LEGO® reproductions designed to deliver a satisfying build-and-display experience. For more in the series, check out the LEGO DC BATMAN™ 1989 Batmobile™.


Measuring over 4” (11cm) high, 20” (52cm) long and 22” (58cm) wide, the LEGO® DC BATMAN™ 1989 Batwing looks stunning on its stand and when attached to the wall. No batteries required. This collectible piece of BATMAN™ memorabilia offers a hands-on, build-and-display experience that will catch the eye of every BATMAN, sci-fi or model-making enthusiast. Easy-to-follow, high-quality instructions are included to ensure you gain maximum enjoyment from this fascinating construction project. No super-powers are required to connect and pull apart LEGO® bricks and pieces. They meet the highest industry standard, which ensures they fit together and separate perfectly every time. LEGO® bricks and pieces are rigorously tested to ensure your awesome display model meets the highest toy safety standards in GOTHAM CITY™ and the rest of planet Earth.

Customer Reviews of This Build

This model is coming in hot at a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in Amazon and 4.4 out of 5 on Lego. This is rated as a relatively straight forward build with a beautiful end product. A lot of the focus is building a stable foundation, after all it can be wall mounted. The amount of parts is a primary focus of the reviews as its more of a quick build and enjoy the product as opposed to the build itself and pretty basic in terms of how it is built.

In Summary

This is an excellent addition to the Batmobile for any collector and an enjoyable piece to admire. It is not the more memorable builds, that is a fair conclusion. It is more about getting to the destination than the journey. The majority of the model is building the foundation to support the elegant piece but that should not at all put you off this model. It is so different and so unique to the normal models available that is would be silly to leave this piece out. In terms of cost, it is the most reasonable I believe out of all these types of high cost builds and the outcome of it is incredible.

Keep on Building

Much Love

Lego Mania x

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