JUMPSTAR SPORTS 4ft Free Standing Folding Football Table, Indoor Fussball Soccer Game, Pine Laminate

Updated: Mar 18

Quick Info Grab

  1. 4ft Folding Football Table

  2. Easy Storage with a couple of screws

  3. Smooth spinning rod action for control

  4. Goal counter to hold score

  5. Non slip feet to protect flooring and prevent moving

Product Description

BRING FOOTBALL HOME WITH THIS FOLDING FOOTBALL TABLE: Settle scores on and off the pitch with the JumpStar Sports 4ft Folding Football Table. Designed to full-size specifications with a composite wood construction and pine laminate finish, it's a cool addition to a footy fan's playroom or bedroom.

FOLDING LEG SYSTEM FOR SPACE-SAVING STORAGE: Football tables take up a lot of space, right? Not this one! Simply remove the special screws on the side of the football table to fold it into a compact vertical position, then push it flat against a wall so it doesn't impose on your living space.

SMOOTH-SPINNING RODS FOR SPEED, PRECISION & CONTROL: Designed with smooth-spinning chrome rods to shoot with superior precision and speed. Ergonomic non-slip handles provide a firm grip and comfortable hold for ultimate control. Perfect for scoring screamers and blocking shots like a pro.

INTEGRATED GOAL COUNTERS & NON-SLIP FEET: Slide goal counters allow you to accurately track the score, so there's no danger of anyone cheating and being shown a yellow card. The football table also features grippy non-slip feet to prevent it sliding around and protect hard flooring from scratches.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & SPECIFICATIONS: Supplied with 3 footballs. Flat-packed with tools, fixings and assembly instructions. We recommend using an electric screwdriver. Assembled size: L118.5cm x W61.5cm x H78.5cm. Folded size: H160cm x W61.5cm x D48cm. Width excludes rods.

Football's Coming Home

Bring football home with this Folding Football Table from JumpStar Sports. Great for one-on-one games and team games with four players, it has a foldable design for simple storage and measures 4-feet long, making it a perfect size for younger players and experienced pros alike.

Stylish Modern Look

The table is custom-made for extreme play with a sturdy composite wood construction (MDF) and a pine laminate finish for a stylish, modern look. Each team features eleven players with hand-painted red and blue shirts to recreate some of the most legendary rivalries in football.

Easy Folding System

Forget about the table encroaching on your living space because, when the final whistle blows, it can be easily folded up for compact storage. Simply loosen the easy-turn wing knobs to fold it into a vertical position, then push it flat against a wall so it's neatly out the way.

Power, Precision & Speed

Smooth-gliding chrome rods allow you to turn and shoot with ultimate power, precision and speed. Push and pull the rods to move your players from side to side, then twist and turn the rods to pass the ball, block shots and score absolute screamers. Back of the net!

Superior Grip & Control

Each rod is fitted with a moulded non-slip handle for superior grip and supreme control. The easy-grip handles help to stop your hands from slipping in the heat of the action, so there's no danger of missing the ball or shooting the wrong way and scoring a humiliating own goal.

No Chance Of Cheating

Slide counters behind each goal allow you to accurately track the number of goals you've scored, so there's no chance of arguments breaking out over the final score line. Another top feature is a lightly curved pitch to keep the ball constantly in play for fast-paced action.

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