Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker with a Free 1-Year Fitbit Premium Trial, 24/7 Heart Rate

Updated: Mar 16

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  1. Free Fitbit Premium Trial

  2. Active Zone Minutes

  3. 24/7 Heart Rate

  4. All Day Activity Tracker

  5. Sleep Stages and Scores

Product Description

Battery Life: Up to 10 days

Compatible with iOS 12.2 or higher & Android OS 7.0 or higher

Free Fitbit Premium Trial

Your Inspire 2 tracker unlocks a free 1-year Fitbit Premium trial complete with step-by-step fitness & nutrition programmes, personalised insights & motivation, sleep tools and more.Free 1-year Fitbit Premium trial gives you personalised guidance, insights and motivation to help you reach your goals.*

Active Zone Minutes

This feature alerts you to which heart rate zone you’re in so you can see if you’re working hard enough to reach your goals.

24/7 Heart Rate

Use 24/7 heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimise workouts and uncover personalised health trends that inspire you to make moves on your health and fitness goals.

All-Day Activity

Every part of your day impacts your goals, so Fitbit Inspire 2 tracks all-day steps, distance and calories burned.

Sleep Stages & Score

Inspire 2 tracks your time in light, deep and REM sleep stages and gives you a nightly Sleep Score in the Fitbit app, so you can better understand your sleep quality and work toward better rest.

Build better bed time habits

from seeing an actual Sleep Score to improving it with helpful tips, Sleep Stages and sleep mode.

Get moving at your own pace

Follow guided exercise programmes that show you how to boost your step count, start at a running routine or pick up your running place.

Calm your mind day and night

Relax and unwind with a library of sleep sounds and guided meditations for stress reduction, restful sleep, body positivity and more from Fitbit and Ten Percent Happier.

Eat better, feel your best

Get help making smarter food choices and staying active = the foundation for healthy weight management - plus easy, delicious recipes and articles for inspiration.

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