CubicFun 3D Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults LED Titanic Toys Model Kits Ship, Difficult Jigsaw Family

Updated: Mar 6

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  1. Scale of 1:305

  2. 3D Foam Puzzle Pieces

  3. Unique Gift Idea

  4. 29.8 x 21.8 x 6cm

  5. Bigger Size with Detailed Design

Product Description

Lighting Titanic Sail at Night: Recreating majestic cruise at night with a scale of 1:305. Keep the memory floating forever. Lighting effect with 85 LED Bulbs located under deck.

3D Foam Puzzles Assembly Experience without Glue: All pieces fit together precisely. Easy to assemble, no glue or tools needed. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment once completed.

Unique Gift Idea for Teens and Adults: Realistic ship is the excellent gift for any occasion. Enjoy assembly fun with friends and family. Cool home decoration to light up your room and surprise everybody. Box size: 29.8 x 21.8 x 6 cm.

Bigger size with detailed design: 50.5 x 21 x 38.5cm. This jigsaw comes with pre-cut foam boards, instruction and led accessories. About 4+ hours to assemble. Be patient. 14+ years old is recommended.

100% Quality Guarantee: Our customer support team is standing by to offer you a pleasure shopping experience from CubicFun.


Simulate Titanic sail at night with 85 LED bulbs, Serve as a Tribute to the Sailing Titanic.

  • Bulbs are designed to located under deck and in the portholes.

  • Hidden battery holder design for you to replace battery easily, creating better assembly experience and exhibition effect.


The Titanic cruise ship is made of EPS and paper foam board. Interlock structure make it durable enough when finished.

  • SAFER - All pieces are cut smoothly, it's safer than metal.

  • LIGHTER - Paper foam board is lighter than plastic, wood or metal.

  • MORE REALISTIC - Colour and pattern pre-printed on it make it seems more colourful and detailed.


CubicFun 3D Puzzles are designed to easily assemble without glue or other tools. All pieces fit together precisely. The LED Titanic will take you about 4 hours to build. Be patient, it will give you a great sense of accomplishment once completed.


Build your own Titanic from 2D puzzle sheets to surprising 3D model kit experience. Serve as a tribute to the sailing Titanic, Keep the memory floating FOREVER.

FAMILY & FRIEND PUZZLE A perfect opportunity to interact with family, friends and your partners. Relax mind, reduce stress from a busy day and get away from day-to-day.

HOME DECORATION In proportion with a scale of 1:305. Exhibition effect will surprise everybody and give you a great sense of accomplishment once completed.

HOLIDAY IDEAL GIFT CHOICE Always a welcomed souvenir and gift for any occasion, like school class, game time, holiday, business, leisure time. Awesome Christmas gift, Thanksgiving gift, birthday gift and New Year gift.

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