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Updated: Mar 16

As a kid I loved nothing more than getting my hands on a build and paint model car kit. I would have an old bedsheet or newspaper laid out by my parents to protect the furniture, a washing basin for the glue and a bin for everything else.

I would start by slowly removing the parts from the packaging and placing them in a strategic order. Although, my strategy fell apart immediately with the impatience of wanting to see the model take shape. I made the same mistake time and time again of building then painting. For some reason I believed it had to look exactly like the box and every stroke had to replicate this. This led to a mixture of colours blending and often a couple of paint drips 'decorating' my pre painted alloy wheels. Nonetheless, the hours of fun that I had from these models was incredible. It made me think logically and orderly to accomplish an outcome. It forced me to be creative and artistic. It encouraged patience and a level head. But most importantly achieved this for the cost of buttons.

As an adult, I never returned to this hobby until lockdown occurred. It was by chance I even remembered these model kits existed. I got excited again, a memory was sparked that was archived and for the cost of an Xbox game, I have 4 or 5 stunning models. Significantly, better quality than I upheld as a kid. In honour of my old to new found hobby, here are my next 5 purchases that I aim to work on over 2021. Hopefully, this can inspire you to join me.

5. Revell 80-4909 1:144 Apollo Saturn V Plastic Model Kit

We are all currently crazy for the Space Race themes again. This time instead of USA vs Russia, we are focused on large billion pound companies competing for the title. SpaceX, Nasa and Starlink are now battling it out for the dominance of claiming Mars.

The Apollo Saturn V model is just about as famous as it gets. Made famous in 1969 when the rocket reached the moon. With 82 pieces and measuring 77.5cm, this is a towering model to add to any collection. Perfect as a talking point regardless of interest in space.

4. Revell 07038 76 Ford Torino Model Kit

The Ford Torino is the 1976 model produced by Ford for the American market. Named after Turin, this model is the famous Starsky and Hutch car that we all know and love. I will purchase this one for the stylish, classical power horse look of this car.

I love the red on chrome and those awesome sharp, pointing stripes. This has stunning chrome rims with a chrome effect grill. Similar with the California license plate, true to the North American vibe of this model. I love the interior and the contrast that it would have on many desktops, standing out as a model for display.

This model has 89 pieces and measures 21.7cm in length complete with interior, engine and bodywork. An awesome model kit for any collection.

3. Revell 07344 Volkswagen T3 Camper Model Kit

I think it may be nostalgia towards the days of freedom before lockdown but I am craving a holiday and even cramming a family into a camper is appealing.

The T3 Camper is bulking, basic and old fashioned. But, this is the exact reason why its attractive. It symbolises the 1970s and the style of that time. It is old school, functional and resourceful.

As a model it is super unusual. I love the idea of the raised roof and caravan interior. I love how it is a model alongside Porsche, Land Rover and Ferrari but does not look out of place at all. This model has 80 parts and 18.5cm in length with a full engine, rubber tyres and a VW reg plate. I am looking forward to this one a lot!

2. Revell 63600 - Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model Set

The Millennium Falcon is the definition of Star Wars. Whether you are interested in Star Wars or not, you can identify this star ship and most importantly, any of this merchandise is highly collectable.

The Millennium Falcon was designed by Joe Johnston in 1977, probably most famous for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Mainly associated to Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian. Everyone has enjoyed the journey that the Falcon has held over the years.

I am, of course, a huge Star Wars fan and this is a great way to have a small piece of the franchise for my work desk. This model is really detailed, mounted and an accurate replica of the Millennium Falcon from the movie.

1. Revell 07009 Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus Model Kit

Now this one is a little more expensive than the majority of the model kits available, however, this is the fashion just now. The T1 Samba Bus is what everyone wants to own and the merchandise for the Samba is equally as popular.

The T1 Samba Bus is the 1950-1967 model with the split windshield and 110 VW air-cooled engine. This is a pretty looking hipster style model perfect for display around the office or home.

This has a massive 223 pieces at 27.2cm in length. It has a beautiful white interior with boot space and open roof. Stunning chrome rims to contrast the stunning white and blue body work.

You may of noticed that these are all Revell products. I have no direct affiliation with Revell, I simply like their products over the other brands available and can confidently write about them knowing they represent everything I am stating. I have been a customer of theirs for a long time, right back to childhood and believe they are symbolic of what a model kit involves. These will provide you with hours of entertainment, but more importantly, they are long lasting, durable models that will be stunning on display.

Lets bring back the model kits, display them proudly in your office and be confident to highlight you enjoy these model kits.

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