Alexa - What are the Amazon must haves in your home?

Updated: Mar 6

In business, everyone wants to be a part of Amazon. They are known the world round and continuously advance and enhance our every day living. Their platform is accessible, user-friendly and their products are reasonably affordable. Often pricing out their competitors while maintaining the competitive standard.

Recently, Amazon's gadget growth has been outrageous. Their products are intelligent, sleek and can be well integrated into any household, often linking with the majority of your existing electrics. We are all familiar by now of Alexa and the wealth of information, entertainment and support that this system can provide. From television to sound systems, Amazon provides incredible quality utilising a network of connectivity for peak home control. This can be the TV to the sound system to your phone and even your lights. Call on Alexa and boom, you're connected. Sci-Fi at its finest, the future of technology has finally reached us and here at Gadgets and Games, we absolutely love it!

Here are the latest top 5 recommended Amazon products for everyday living.

5. Echo Auto | Add Alexa to your car

We no longer need a 50k car to get the latest gadgets on the go. Echo Auto allows you to play music, check the news, make calls and set reminders without touching a button. Simply plug in, link to your phone and have this wizardry on the go.

Aux operated, you can plug in this system and call on Alexa for support. Alexa will hear you over music, the radio, air conditioning and road noise.

Check it out at Amazon Stores.

4. Echo Flex – Voice control smart home devices with Alexa

This is a lesser known but highly functional product from Amazon. The Echo Flex can be plugged into any socket and through voice control you can turn off the lights, lock the doors, adjust the temperature and more with compatible devices. Complete with a mini speaker you can play music or communicate through intercom to talk in any room. This neat little gadget has an array of add ons that can fill your home like the gadgets in The Jetsons.

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3. Echo Show 5, White + Ring Indoor Cam, Works with Alexa

Echo Show gives you a vivid display of your camera with crisp sound support for optimum observation. Complete with Ring Indoor Cam, you can rest reassured that your home is safe with an easy to manage system. Echo Show goes a step further to provide you with the gadgets of Amazon including news updates, music, timers, alarms and of course, Alexa connection. This, in our eyes, a great baby cam option.

Check it out at Amazon Stores

2. Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

The Fire Tv Stick is a media streaming product that links to your home wifi to provide you with Smart Tv functionality at the highest level. App operated, this system is easy to navigate and interact with to set up your TV subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. It has the capacity to stream 1000s of apps on to your TV and control your supported home appliances such as lights, soundbars and cameras. A very affordable product.

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1. All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa

The Echo Dot is a personal favourite of ours. There is no limits to the capabilities of this little gadget and it is extremely useful for around the home. Stream music, check the weather, control your devices, the lot. We find this a very affordable AI gadget for the home that has unlimited amounts of fun including trivia, games, jokes and even fart noises for the kids or adults who still act like kids.

Check it out at Amazon Stores

Amazon products have no limits to their level of intelligence and resourcefulness. We have welcomed Amazon products as we believe their approach to product development has prevented the excessive pricing of the style of products. Before Amazon, a sound system would cost into the thousands. With Amazon's competitive nature and willingness to make these products accessible to everyone, the prices have remained reasonable and affordable for everyone. Without their leading branding, we would unquestionably see products like these out with the price range of the average consumer.

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